Poi Dancing

Bailando con Poi FuegoThis is a dancing and coordination technique developed in New Zealand by the Maori people. “Poi” is Maori word that means “ball on a cord”. While dancing, you hold a poi with each hand and you move them according to the rhythm of the music. It consists in swinging both pois using a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns.

The joy and feeling of dancing Poi cannot be described with words. Once you have mastered the technique, you can integrate it with other activities, such as dance, rhythmic gymnastics, skating, acrobatics, etc.; the visual effects of these practices will increase.

Which are the benefits? Besides being really fun? Dancing Poi is very useful for the coordination of the body. It improves the communication between both hemispheres, left (rational part) and right (creative-emotional part), enhances concentration, increases the energy levels, promotes self-discovery processes, develops the muscle tone, strengthens the cardiovascular health, increases the knowledge of your own body and improves the stamina.cartagena2010 178

Other people have benefited from more specific effects, such as an increase of the self-esteem, weight loss and the excitement of enjoying every day (The joy of life!).

Is it difficult to learn? The basic steps are easy to learn. After that, the key is to practice, practice and practice! In an advanced level you will be able to dance with the fire poi (tempting, uh?).


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