About me

AmArte was conceived as a means to promote, share, teach, create and develop “the art of loving ourselves”, dealing with our emotions, thoughts, the energy and health of our body, and the discovery of the mission that best suits the nature of our soul and the relationships with our environment.  It is from our heart, loving ourselves unconditionally, that we keep our center and harmony with our surrounding environment. It is from our heart that we can achieve love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, loyalty, meekness and self-control in our daily lives. 

My name is Juliana, and I guide self-discovery and personal development processes using psychology and the energy of different flowers(Bach Flowers) as catalysts of emotional, mental and energetic processes that people experience in their bodies. Other techniques that I use include EFT  Emotional Freedom technique (needleless acupuncture used to release the electrical system of the body), Neuromuscular trigger Point NIMMO Therapy, (Body-oil-therapeutic Massage), Teishin (healing acupuncture needless  instrument made of gold, silver & other precious materials), Reiki, etc. Therapies & workshops in English-Spanish and German.

We come to Earth to be happy and grow in a loving and fun way. We create our own reality. What we are experiencing is our creation. We are constantly creating and, consequently, manifesting. We are responsible for shaping our own destiny. The power and magic lie within ourselves, for our well-being and that of those around us.” Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. We are here only temporarily…Take your time to enjoy the magical moments and the marvels of nature; the energy and the smell of the flowers. (A.G)