EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, Acupuncture needleless work-shop & Courses

EFT is a technique similar to a “Psychological needleless Acupuncture” that applies Chinese knowledge on the meridians (Acupuncture) by tapping in order to RELEASE negative emotions, the stress accumulated in our body & the physical pain associated with diseases.

The cause of ALL our emotional blocks, psychological suffering, distortions and compulsive repetition of behaviors, as well as the associated physiological symptoms, lies in the interruption of the proper flow of energy throughout the bioenergetic channels of the body”. (Gary Craig, Author) 

If the proper flow of energy is reestablished, the emotional block and suffering, as well as the associated psychosomatic symptoms (physical symptoms), disappear.

What does EFT do? EFT balances the potentially damaged energy system after a given painful or traumatic experience. This technique consists in gently tapping on certain points of the body while pronouncing certain words. The block is released and results are observed Immediately!

Details  of EFT courses

Introduction to EFT: “Improve your health, by learning how to stimulate the electrical system of your body “. Its main goal is to learn how to deal with their own emotional, mental and physical blocks.

This workshop can be performed with adolescents of at least 14 years old, as well as with adults and family.

-Includes:  Practice and leaflet “General Information about EFT”.

180min/ 1person

240 min/ 2 or more

Introduction to EFT+ Levels 1 “Access to your potential & eliminates your limiting beliefs. How to help yourself & other people with the tapping.” Depth workshop on EFT, which can be performed with adults. Its main goal is to learn how to work with emotional, mental and physical blocks on yourself, & your relatives. Includes: Developed practices, exercise, examples  and  EFT Manual. (minimum 2 participants)

12 hours 2 day course or 4 morning or evenings


Level 2: Excellent for doctors, psychologies, social workers, teachers, and therapist all kind. It is necessary to accomplish Introduction to EFT and Level 1.  180min

(1 person or more)

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