Don´t dream your Life, Live your dream. Dream-Catcher workshop.

Dream Catcher 1In this workshop we invite you to take your time to concentrate your energy and intentions in order to manifest your dreams, goals, purposes and wishes, as well as the ideal life that you want to experience every day. Have fun and learn to create your own Dream-Catcher!

The dream-catchers were known as “Bawaadjigan” in the Ojibwe language of Native American Sioux. This  cultures believed that the dreams were messages coming from the spiritual world. In this regard, the dream-catcher works a filter for dreams and visions, protecting from bad energies. The dream-catchers hold the destiny of their future and their goals, and that they bring good luck, harmony and well-being to the family, besides good dreams.  

Dream Catcher 2

This workshop is also a great option for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. If there is more than one kid under 10 years of age, they will need to be helped by an adult or family member (in case there is more than 1 person participating in the workshop).

Where attention goes, energy flows”. (John Demartini)

Details  of dream Catcher workshop: Includes all materials (feathers, strings, wool, beads, liana, etc.) – Sheet about the history and meaning of the Dream-Catchers. – Breathing awareness exercise and meditation focused on manifesting your ideal life using the “Law of Attraction” (10 min); these techniques allow you to cannel your energy so that you can manifest clear intentions about what you wish to bring to your life and the purpose of your Dream-Catcher.+ Your own Dream-Catcher.-Time: 75 to 120 min./ Prices for one person or  a group.

Dream Catcher 3


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