Pre Brain Gym

Brain GymBrain Gym is a technique created by Paul and Gail Dennison (70´s), focused on children and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, although currently, the technique extends to working environments, performing arts, sports training and applies to all ages.

What is sought to brain Gym? Strengthen and make new brain connections through specific movements. “Brain Gym is based on concepts such as stress inhibits learning, the movement stimulates brain function and observation is a feed back mechanism.“ Brain Building Practice 2-3 times a day helps us to concentrate and focus better on a project to combat stress, to improve readiness to learn, optimize our motor skills, but above all make brain connections!

Through years of research in neuroscience, psychology and kinesiology, and also using tools Touch for Health (“Touch for Health”), Dr. Dennison has had the ability to find ways to resolve issues such as blockages in laterality concentration, organization, focus, understanding, through the use of simple body movements.

Brain Gym is  simple but effective exercise that integrate different parts of the brain can solve problems like dyslexia, hyperactivity, attention deficit and improve skills such as concentration, organization, reading or writing, etc … The work is focused on the release of blockages energy that may be preventing the innate abilities is manifest. What ultimately achieves is that those tasks which require excessive effort can be made with ease and fluidity.

Learning, Emotion and Movement: learning, thinking, creativity and intelligence are not only own thought processes, but of the whole body. As a baby grows and is adding new and specific movements, your brain develops accordingly. Infantile reflexes are integrated during child development schemes increasingly complex movements and formed parallel will increasingly complex neural networks. If for some reason this integration does not occur, the child in the future is likely to present problems learning or personality as lack confidence, low self-esteem, anger, etc…

Details  of the session
-Kinesiology Test
-Re education  of  hemispheres
-Practice exercise.
-Number of session  will depend the topic on work, but   normally 1 to 3 sessions of 55 min each.