Bach Flowers Therapy

Principles of Bach Flowers (BF):-Flower essences are CATALYSTS for our emotional states and thoughts.

-These are vibrational preparations of flowers that preserve their Energetic Properties thanks to a special manufacture process. When the preparation gets in touch with the person, it stimulates his/her potential for self-healing.

-It is a “Holistic system, i.e. Comprehensive (uniting Mind + Emotions + Body)” aimed at restoring your Psychophysical balance.

The Therapy with Flower energy:This therapy was conceived by Dr Bach (1886-1936), a renowned physician, bacteriologist and homeopath, who stated that “disease is the result of the conflict between our spiritual being and our personality” and that “health and happiness are the fruits of being in harmony with our own nature and the fulfillment of the task that best suits it”.

-Dr Bach discovered a 38-flowers system, each one for a certain emotional and mental state, as well as a combination of 5 flowers designed for difficult and urgent situations, called “Rescue Remedy”.

How do Flower Essences (FE) work on people? Their function consists of resonating with the energetic field of the person, when it has been altered by an emotional imbalance. FE allow the flow of energy, thus freeing the person by harmonizing and balancing emotional states. Interestingly, according to Dr Bach, the Prevention and Healing of a disease “will be achieved once we discover what is not functioning properly and eradicate that defect by developing the quality that shall clear it”.Flores de Bach GuatemalaThe Flower Therapy is indicated for: Professional medical consultation  (pregnancy, delivery, nursing, childhood, adolescence, elderly, death processes, mental or emotional disturbances, and diseases of all kind), based on the medical principle stating that “there are no diseases, only diseased people”. This system deals with the emotional and mental disturbances or situations that all human beings experience throughout their lives.

Flower essences are useful for the development of abilities/qualities in the case of artists and athletes. In order to access a more harmonic Awakening to Spiritual Consciousness, and for those who already attained it, promote the access to Higher Planes.

The Flower Therapy is helpful during critical moments of our lives, such as: changes, decision-making, grieving, affective separations, etc., and for any individual or group that wishes to improve their psychophysical health.

The Flower Therapy does not discard the approach of psychotherapy or the personal work through the use of affirmations, meditations, change of habits or diet, exercise, etc. On the contrary, it represents a very effective means of enhancing the results obtained with other therapies.

The Flower Therapy does not replace the medical treatment; however, it is considered a profound means of facilitating the process of Personal Growth, thus directly influencing the INTEGRAL HEALTH of human beings.

Basics: Since 1976, Flower Essences have been recognized as an “Alternative Complementary Therapy” by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO states that FE are a very useful and simple system that may be used in an effective, easy and safe way, without experiencing unpleasant and/or toxic side effects.

 Dr Bach said: “I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in the way it will make me happy”! And this is exactly what the Flower Therapy offers: maintain your health and happiness by being in Harmony with your own nature; fulfill the task that best suits your nature by loving yourself.

Details  & material of  Flower  session: -Leaflet about the flower therapy. -Flower Therapy session+ Psychology (60-70 min).-Flower Remedy Bottle.-Summary sheet emotions addressed the dosage indications and the virtues to be developed with the flowers. 


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