PsychotherapyI studied Clinical Psychology with a humanistic approach.

I have experience working with children, adolescents, and male and female adults of all ages and socio-cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, I have worked in various areas associated with the processes of change related to our life cycle, such as adolescence, marriage, pregnancy, family matters, studies, work, grieving, divorce, adaptation after migration processes (for example, depressive disorders or crisis), postpartum depression, anxiety, stress, etc. I have worked with women suffering from domestic violence (sexual, psychological, physical, economic and property violence), groups of elderly adults and groups of Mayan indigenous communities. Moreover, I have been involved in the sexual education of adolescents, as well as guiding personal development processes for groups with a common characteristic (companies, families, etc.).

Details  & material of  session: The number of psychotherapeutic sessions, as well as the use of other alternative therapies, will depend on the issues that need to be addressed. Please note that my personal approach is aimed at allowing the person to connect with her/his self-love and learn enough tools so that she/he can face independently her/his life situations and solve, modify and direct the course of her/his life.


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