Therapeutic Massage



Massuses, Doctors, Scientists and healers have different meanings for a therapeutic massage, for me as a psychologist and understanding the human being as a whole universe (emotions, energy, thoughts and body) is one of the most powerful techniques for healing, balance, growing and transforming ourselves in many different levels.

Why? A massage can help you to free emotions saved in your body; it helps to liberate physical pain, calms the nervous system, stress, sadness, anger, concerns. It invigorates the body with energy to recover the normal health and to have back a natural physic posture. It helps increasing your metabolism and infinite more benefits.

Therapeutic massage is a combination of Body Mind-Soul Energy healing process.

I am trained in variety of technics such as Neuromuscular trigger Point Therapy, Thai massage, Trigger point technique, Teishin needless acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, but my personal approach goes in direction of understanding the specific necessities of my clients and accordingly to that I carefully choose between different techniques or blend them so that I can achieve best results to contribute to the process of health and balance of this person.

Other healing techniques that I can work with in my treatments can include Aromatherapy, Crystals, moxibustion, guidance’s visualization, mantras, Tibetan sound bowls, different incenses etc.

The massage treatments include a 100% natural Body Cream. It mixes a perfect combination of natural products such as coconut oil, cacao Butter, bee wax and plants infused in different oils. Consider it food for your skin. I personally prepare  “Healing Salves”, according to the moon cycles, so that the potency of the plants is optimized and you can receive the maximum benefits of the blend.

Details and material of the session: 60, 90, or 120 min Therapeutic Massage.            
Other  Treatments: Back neck and shoulders, Chakra balancing, Spot-work, and Intuitive massage.


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